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Wholesale Freeze Dried Candy from Sticky Fingers Candy offers retailers a deliciously unique selection of freeze-dried treats. Bursting with flavor and crafted with care, our wholesale offerings include popular favorites like Sour Gummy Worms and Peach Rings, alongside inventive creations like Sour Pickle Candy. Each batch is carefully freeze-dried to preserve taste and texture, ensuring a delightful experience for customers. With vibrant packaging and irresistible flavors, our wholesale freeze-dried candy is perfect for stocking store shelves and delighting candy lovers everywhere.
  • Dominic, Co-Owner, Pop Pops Italian Ice

    "Sticky Fingers freeze-dried candy has been an absolute hit at Pop Pops Italian Ice! Initially, I had my doubts about introducing candy alongside our beloved Italian ice, but Sticky Fingers proved me wrong. Once we offered it to our customers, it quickly became a fan favorite. The crunchy texture and bold flavors are simply irresistible. It's now one of our top-selling items, and I couldn't be happier with the decision to stock it. Thanks to Sticky Fingers for creating such fantastic treats that perfectly complement our offerings!"

    Pop Pops Italian Ice 
  • Jennifer Hernandez, Owner, Squidly Designs

    "Sticky Fingers freeze dried candy has become one of the best selling products at our shop in Albuquerque! Our customers can’t get enough of these tasty and crunchy treats and we’re so happy to be able to carry products made by another small local business! We love Sticky Fingers Candy!"

    Squidly Designs Store