Uncover the Freeze Dried Candy Magic with Sticky Fingers Candy!

Uncover the Freeze Dried Candy Magic with Sticky Fingers Candy!

Are you in search of the best freeze dried candy near me? Look no further! Welcome to Sticky Fingers Candy, where we make your candy dreams come true with our innovative freeze dried machine and unique flavors, including our sensational freeze dried Skittles.

What is Freeze Dried Candy?

Freeze drying candy is an incredible process where candy is placed in a freeze dryer machine, and the moisture is removed, transforming the candy into a delightful, crunchy treat. It's not just a trendy fad at Five Below; it's an art, and at Sticky Fingers Candy, we've mastered it!

How to Freeze Dry Candy?

Curious about how to freeze dry candy yourself? While some turn to YouTube to find DIY ways, nothing beats the quality and safety of a freeze dried candy machine used by professionals like us. Our freeze drying machine ensures the flavors are locked in, and the texture is just perfect!

Dive into Our Freeze Dried Skittles

Among the many offerings at Sticky Fingers Candy, our freeze dried Skittles have become a crowd favorite. Available in 6oz containers, these Skittles turn into crunchy, delightful bites that you can't find at Walmart or 5 below freeze dried candy sections.

Oh Shit Mystery Candy Sampler

For those looking for a surprise, our "Oh Shit Mystery Candy Sampler" provides a mixture of our top-selling freeze dried candy, including plain crunchy candies, sour candy with our house-made sour powder, and chamoy candy with our exclusive chamoy pickle kit.

More than Just Skittles

From freeze dried Jolly Ranchers to freeze dried candy corn, we have something for every palate. Can't find the freeze dried candy you need at Amazon or Five Below? We've got you covered with over 54+ exciting flavors, all available in bulk for candy lovers.

Shop Today at Your Favorite Freeze Dried Candy Store

If you've ever asked, "Where can I get freeze dried candy?" or googled "freeze dry candy machine for candy", you've now found your answer. Sticky Fingers Candy offers retail and wholesale freeze dried candy options, including freeze dried candy corn and much more.

Our products aren't just sow good freeze dried candy; they're the best in the business. From the curious first-timer looking to try freeze dried food to the seasoned candy connoisseur seeking the best freeze dried candy, we have something for everyone.


Sticky Fingers Candy is your go-to destination for all things freeze dried. Forget the average offerings at Walmart freeze dried candy; come experience authentic, high-quality freeze dried candy crafted with love.

Click here to visit our website and order today. Enjoy the world of freeze dried candy Skittles, freeze dried candy corn, and more! Your taste buds will thank you.

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