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Sticky Fingers Candy: The Ultimate Freeze Dried Candy Experience in New Mexico

Looking for the best freeze dried candy in Albuquerque? Look no further! Sticky Fingers Candy is here to satisfy your cravings. But that's not all. Let's embark on a flavorful journey that spans from the colorful Squidly Story to the lively Downtown Growers Market. Read on to explore what makes our candy special and where you can find it!

Our Origin

Sticky Fingers Candy began its journey in 2019, driven by a passion for creating an unparalleled freeze dried candy experience. Not satisfied with merely being a part of the candy trend, we set out to redefine it, focusing on quality, variety, and, most importantly, the community of New Mexico.

Where to Purchase Sticky Fingers Candy

Find our candy at various locations such as Squidly Story, Explora, Downtown Growers Market, and Railyards Market. Experience our freeze dried candy, New Mexico True Certified, right at your doorstep or at these vibrant locations. You can also order online and avail free shipping on orders of 4 or more containers using code FREESHIPPING.

Taste the Rainbow with Freeze Dried Skittles

Our 6oz Freeze Dried Skittles container is a favorite, offering a unique crunch with every bite. Want to explore more? Our "Oh Shit Mystery Candy Sampler" will surprise your taste buds with a delightful selection of 2 plain crunchy candies, 1 sour candy, 1 chamoy candy, 2 puffy candies, and more.

Expanding Our Reach

From Edgewood to Sandia Park, our reach spans across Bernalillo County. Whether you're in South Valley or Tijeras, we offer local pickup in downtown Albuquerque and deliver for a small fee.

Custom Solutions for Candy Lovers

Are you seeking custom candy freeze drying or personalized fruit freeze drying? Look no further! Our services extend beyond our retail offerings to satisfy your unique needs.

Join Us at the Markets

Explore our extensive freeze dried candy offerings at the Downtown Growers Market and Railyards Market. Whether you're seeking bulk freeze dried candy or individual treats, our team is ready to serve.

Education and Fun at Explora

Teaming up with Explora, we offer insights into the science behind freeze drying. Join us for interactive sessions and take home our delicious freeze dried candy.

Squidly Store

In collaboration with Squidly Store, we've crafted a range of freeze dried candy that tells a story with every bite. Experience narrative-driven treats that take you on a flavor adventure.

Best Sellers & Unique Offerings

From Sour Wild Berry Skittles to Chamoy Skittles, our selection is unmatched. Indulge in Sour Gummy Worms, Jolly Ranchers, or a sour taffy adventure.

Supporting Local Producers

By using the best ingredients like New Mexico hatch chile, we're proud to support local producers. We believe in community-driven quality that shines through in every bite.

Conclusion: Join the Sticky Fingers Family

At Sticky Fingers Candy, we're not just offering candy; we're creating connections, stories, and memorable experiences. Embrace the world of freeze dried candy with us. Discover a better alternative to what you might find on Walmart or Amazon. Discover the best freeze dried candy in Albuquerque and beyond, only at Sticky Fingers Candy.

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